Standing Rules


This Club shall sponsor translations into English of excerpts and articles from the Pinscher/Schnauzer Klub’s Standard Buch and their other publications with the express permission of the PSK. Permission was granted by the Board of Directors and PSK President Herr Borner.


A reciprocal membership with PSK, so that both Clubs would be able to exchange information, publications. Standards, and ideas for the mutual benefit of both parties and the Breed.


A litter of OFA cleared parents may be listed in Giant Steps for $25.00 per litter for three consecutive issues. Announcements of planned litters will be allowed as a first printing for the OFA registered litter.


The G.S.C.A. shall run advertisements in national dog magazines from time to time to advertise the breed, the Club and to offer literature to interested persons.


The problem of Hip Dysplasia is a subject of continuing awareness for members of the Club. The Editor of Giant Steps is charged with the responsibility of publishing some information regarding Hip Dysplasia in as many issues as possible.


The G.S.C.A. Awards and Trophies Committee will provide Best of Breed, Best of Opposite Sex, and Highest Scoring Giant Schnauzer in Trial trophies for all National Specialties and Regional Specialties. The Trophy Chairman for an event will be expected to solicit for his own trophies and cash and to return any which are not awarded to the National Trophy Committee. A list of all trophies received will he submitted to the Awards & Trophies Chairman prior to the closing date for submission of the premium list.


Pins and tie tacks are not to be used as trophies.


The Club shall sponsor a grooming pamphlet to be sold to interested persons. Each breeder should provide a copy with each puppy sold.


The Club shall support the Annual Awards program.


The Club shall support Champion-Companion Dog Excellent Award, Champion-Utility Dog Award, and Champion-Schutzhund 3 Awards.


The Club shall sponsor, with Board approval, any items deemed for sale through the Trophy Chairman, such as Source Books, G.S.C.A. mugs, decals, tie tacks/pins, medallions.


Only OFA clearances will be accepted after January 1. 1977. This rule is not retroactive for those dogs cleared by an accredited Veterinary School and accepted through 1976.


A congratulatory card and pin is to be sent to all owners who complete a Giant Schnauzer championship or obedience title provided they are G.S.C.A. members in good standing at the time the title or degree is awarded.


When a Giant Schnauzer is placed before the Rescue Committee for placement, it shall be considered a violation of condition of membership if that member accepts remuneration for the dog.


The Giant Schnauzer will become a Veteran at seven (7) years of age and eligible for the Veterans Class at all AKC licensed dog shows.


The owners or members of their household, breeder, or owner of the Stud Dog may exhibit in Puppy Sweepstakes. No one may exhibit in this class unless they satisfy one of the aforementioned qualifications.


The G.S.C.A. must provide up to $500.00 to support activities associated with each approved National and Regional Specialty event as requested by the respective Regional Director. This amount does not need to be reimbursed to the Club.


Each National Specialty must offer one or more educational sessions. The G.S.C.A. must provide up to $250.00 to cover expenses associated with this activity. This amount does not need to be reimbursed to the Club.


The G.S.C.A. shall encourage hosting of “Special Events” at National and Regional Specialties such as carting, tracking, temperament tests, Canine Good Citizen, demonstrations, agility, etc. The host region is responsible for planning and conducting these events.


Anyone wishing to chair a G.S.C.A. Specialty Show must obtain a current, approved copy of the G.S.C.A. Specialty Guidelines from the Specialty Guidelines Chairman prior to applying to the Board for the event.


The G.S.C.A. shall encourage the inclusion of Veteran’s Sweepstakes at Specialties.


The following process shall be used to select judges for National and Regional Specialties:



Planning for the National Specialty shall begin at least three (3) years in advance of the event regardless of whether it is held in conjunction with an all-breed show or specialty club or as a independent specialty.


The GSCA President, with the approval of the Board of Directors, shall appoint a JUDGES NOMINATING COMMITTEE for the purpose of selecting conformation judges at National Specialties. The Committee shall be comprised of three members in good standing. The Committee shall be a standing committee and shall be reappointed at the beginning of each new term.


The duties of the JUDGES NOMINATING COMMITTEE shall be as follows (This was voted on December 18, 2017):

a)    In the first quarter of each calendar year, announcement will be made through one or more of the following: GIANT STEPS the club newsletter, by special USPS mailing, through electronic balloting, or on the Giant Schnauzer Club of America website that nominations for National Specialty conformation judges will be open for a period of 30 days.  A list of known qualified and eligible judges will be posted on the GSCA website. Each member can nominate up to three judges as the National Specialty Judge.  Nominations shall be sent anonymously via an electronic ballot sent to members who have opted to vote electronically or via USPS mailing to the Judges Nominating Committee.
b)   Eligibility for nomination of conformation judges is based upon the following general criteria:

Judges must have a working dog background.

Judges must have previously judged a “major” entry of Giant Schnauzers.

Judges must have been involved with Giant Schnauzers through judging, handling or breeding for at least five (5) years.

Judges can only judge a National Specialty once (1) every ten (10) years.

Per AKC regulations and criteria, the membership or Board of Directors can recommend up to three Breeder/Exhibitors to be presented to the AKC for consideration by the membership to judge the National Specialty. Should one of those Breeder/Exhibitors receive the majority of nominations, they will be asked if they are willing and able to fulfill all criteria set forth by AKC to have the one time permit to judge the National Specialty. If they decline, the next person with the most nominations (either another Breeder/Exhibitor or AKC Judge) would be asked to judge.
c)    Nominations shall be sent to the Chairperson of the JUDGES NOMINATING COMMITTEE who will work with Committee members to identify the judge who has received the most nominations
d)   The JUDGES NOMINATING COMMITTEE shall contact the judge with the most nominations to offer them the assignment and advise them of the date and show site.  If the judge declines to accept the offer, contact will be made with subsequent judges in descending order of nominations until the assignment is accepted.  Nominated judges will be given a period of fourteen (14) calendar days to respond.  If they do not respond within that 14 day period, the next judge that received the most nominations will be notified and offered the assignment. 
e)    The judge receiving the most nominations and who accepts the assignment shall be hired for the next National Specialty.
f)    If a judge cannot fulfill their assignment after accepting it, an alternate shall be chosen from those nominated in descending order of preference as described in d) above.
g)    The JUDGES NOMINATING COMMITTEE shall prepare a biography of the judge who accepts the assignment to be published with the announcement of the judge in Giant Steps or club newsletter, and posted on the GSCA website.


Selection of the Sweepstakes judges for National Specialties shall be left to the authority of the Regional Director and their Show Chairperson and Show Committee. Final selection will be subject to the GSCA Board of Directors approval.


Selection of Obedience judges for National Specialties shall be left to the authority of the Regional Director and their Show Chairperson and Show Committee. Final selection will be subject to the GSCA Board of Directors approval.


A judge for Breed, Sweepstakes, and Obedience shall be permitted to judge a National Specialty once (1) every five (5) years.



Selection of judges for Regional Specialties, whether held in conjunction with an all-breed show or specialty club or as an independent specialty, will be left to the authority of the Regional Director and their Show Chairperson and Show Committee. This includes judges for conformation, obedience, and sweepstakes. Preference shall be given to individuals that either have a background in the breed (breeding, showing, etc.) or have indicated an interest in judging the breed. Final selection will be subject to the GSCA Board of Directors approval.


A judge shall be permitted to judge a Regional Specialty once (1) in every five (5) years.


Revised 1997