Be An Informed Puppy Buyer!

The GSCA has a Code of Ethics that suggests that all breeders try to always conserve and improve the quality of the breed, but the club does not currently provide a list of recommended or endorsed breeders. The information below is intended to help prospective puppy buyers in their search for a healthy puppy from a responsible breeder.


The GSCA supports the Canine Health Foundation’s Canine Health Information Center (CHIC) program. This program now includes four specific health testing requirements (hips, elbows, thyroid, and eyes) and three optional/recommended screenings (heart, genetic test for PRA/PRCD, and genetic test for DCM). This testing enables a giant to become CHIC certified – something that should happen before any giant is bred. See this page for details.

See the GSCA Health & Heredity page for more information on known health problems in Giant Schnauzers.
Check things out — be an informed puppy buyer!
It is strongly recommended that you read the following documents prior to contacting any breeder. Being an educated consumer means that you have enough information to ask informed questions and be able to discern for yourself whether a breeder is reputable or not.